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The project team continues to prepare draft work products and otherwise make great progress on important project components. On September 3rd, a joint policy/technical committee meeting was held at which the consultants presented a draft "Compatibility Reference Guide" (CRG). That document was developed based on input and guidance from project leadership at their May 2014 meetings. Upon completion of final edits to that draft by committee members, a final committee draft will be posted on this website for public review and comment. In addition, a public meeting will be held later this year to present the committee's final draft CRG, as well as other project work products.

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Columbus AFB JLUS Implementation


A Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a cooperative land use planning effort conducted as a joint venture between an active military installation, surrounding cities and counties, state and federal agencies, and other affected stakeholders. The Columbus AFB JLUS was funded through a grant from the Department of Defense (DOD), Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) and contributions by Lowndes County.
Subsequent to the completion of a JLUS, many communities choose to pursue a JLUS "implementation" effort, again with funding and assistance from the DoD's Office of Economic Adjustment. While the JLUS identifies and prioritizes compatibility issues, the JLUS Implementation program goes further to help participating communities actually carry out the recommendations contained in the JLUS.


Columbus AFB is located on just under 5,000 acres of land located approximately 10 miles north of downtown Columbus, MS. The Base is home to the 14th Flying Training Wing (FTW), which conducts Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) in the T-6A Texan II turboprop, the T-38C Talon, and the T-1A Jayhawk jet aircraft. Since 1970, Columbus AFB has taken great pride in "Producing Pilots, Advancing Airmen and Feeding the Fight," by training an average of 300 international pilots annually. Columbus AFB is a dynamic installation and one of the busiest training bases in the world, with more students in flying training from different countries than any other base in the Air Force.
This JLUS was conducted to address issues associated with the potential of future land use and development encroaching on the Base. Since it is recognized that the operation of the Base can affect, and is affected by, activity beyond its perimeter fences, creating strategies to foster a responsive land use plan and regulations for the surrounding area is important in order to balance appropriate uses, economic interests, and military readiness.
Following completion of the JLUS in June of 2013, the Columbus-Lowndes Development LINK (LINK), Lowndes County, the City of Columbus and CAFB agreed to undertake a focused implementation program, designed to help interested parties carry out specific policy, regulatory, programmatic and administrative actions. These actions were identified in the JLUS as "tools" participants could use to reduce, mitigate or eliminate compatibility conflicts associated with land use and other areas of concern.
The implementation area for the Columbus AFB Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) encompasses Columbus AFB, Golden Triangle Regional Airport, and the surrounding areas, however, it should be noted that although large portions of Monroe and Clay Counties are within the area of influence associated with Columbus AFB, neither of these Counties chose to formally participate in either the JLUS or JLUS Implementation projects. Accordingly, the focus for the JLUS Implementation effort is limited to Lowndes County and the City of Columbus.
Finally, the program can only identify specific actions various parties can carry out to address important issues. It will be up to government and private sector interests to pursue the steps necessary to adopt or undertake any such recommendations.

First Committee meetings held in Early May. Click on the Public Participation drop down at the top of this page and then "Committee Overview" for details of this meeting.